See our Events page for information on Easter services.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sunday: In-Person Worship @ Immanuel Christian High School

4th Sunday: Zoom Worship

5th Sunday: TBD



1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays, In-Person Worship: Please join us in-person at Immanuel Christian High School, from 10:00-11:30 AM. For those that are not yet comfortable meeting in-person or considered “high risk,” you can join us on Facebook Live, we also invite you to gather virtually via Zoom before and after the service beginning at 9:45 am. Zoom credentials can be found on our Events page.

4th Sundays, Zoom Worship: Our current plan is to hold outdoor worship, if the weather permits, on the 4th Sunday of the month. Outdoor worship will be broadcast on Facebook Live. However, if there is inclement weather, we will meet on Zoom. See directions and Zoom credentials on our Events page.

Recorded Sermon: Just in case you missed it, each Sunday, the sermon is recorded, and a link will be placed to that sermon on this website.

Face Masks: As long as the CDC and the governor can make a good case for using face masks, and out of love for our brothers and sisters still concerned about COVID-19, we will wear masks when we meet inside, including children ages 10 and above, based upon Virginia Executive Order 63 Amended 2020 The only exception will be the speaker and musicians who will be behind plexiglass.

Social Distance Planning and Surface Areas: ICHS has stadium seating so we encourage our congregation to social distance as families as they come into worship. Also, the CDC has downplayed the risk of the virus being transmitted on surfaces, but we suggest you bring your own wipes if that remains a concern for you. When the service concludes, you are welcome to leave or to linger.

Children’s Ministry: Children’s Ministry (2-7 years) is available Sundays, in-person. Children will be dismissed during the worship service after singing and pick up after service times.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sundays. Until then, let us worship with rejoicing, thanksgiving, and prayer while looking for the coming of our Lord Jesus!

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