Zachary Hunt


If you were to ask Zach to sum up the meaning of life, the universe and everything, he would probably say “42” – and after a roll of the eyes or an awkward pause from the inquirer, point to the Latin phrase “soli Deo gloria” which loosely translated means “To the glory of God alone.”

To live by such a creed is far easier said than done, and Zach knows he has a long way to go – a lifetime in fact. In the meantime he is grateful for a God who is gracious and patient; A God who isn’t satisfied to leave us as we are, but rather desires to mold us for eternal use; A God who gives us gifts undeserved that reveal His character and goodness.  As just one example, Zach points to his lovely wife Jess who bears with his shenanigans and general weirdness, and his son Caleb and daughter Maggie.  All three bring Zach immense joy, and remind him often of all that Jesus has done in his life.

With references to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Latin, it’s safe to say Zach is a geek.  His passion for things like theology, comics, science fiction, cartoons, Tolkien, Scotch Whisky, and a myriad of other interests boils down to a love of spending time with, and investing in people.  What he desires more than anything is to hold to the greatest commandment: to love Jesus with all his heart, with all his soul and with all his mind, and then to love others as himself.