Lexie Miller


Grateful for the rich Christian heritage handed down by her parents and grandparents, Lexie Miller accepted Christ as her Savior when she was seven. Not until eight years later did she really begin to understand the concept of His Lordship, an understanding which continues to expand to this day.  Funny how He keeps finding areas in her life that require His oversight and pruning!

She is sister to 6; aunt to 9; and great-aunt to 4.  Sunrise is her favorite time of day. She enjoys birding; being on the water (any body of water will do, from a babbling brook to a raging ocean); creating beauty in a home, a garden or at a table; and sharing all those with family and friends.

Lexie is the chief operating officer of a small international trade association. A graduate of and past-mentor for the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program, she tries to pass on what she’s learned doing life with God.  She serves as director of the PBC Women’s Ministry, goes on Living Water mission trips whenever she can, and serves as a member of the Missions & Mercy Committee, the Outreach Committee, and the Sunday Morning Prayer Team.