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If you missed a Sunday service at Parkway Bible Church and want to get caught up, would like to share the experience with a friend, or just want to refer back to the sermon during the week, they are available below and are grouped by series.

Ecclesiastes: How to Live the Good Life

The preacher in Jerusalem speaks to a world not so different from our world. It is first a message for those who cling still to the world of illusion, which is daily and powerfully presented to us as substantial reality by our various media. The preacher dispels our illusions. The universe is not comprehensible and malleable. We cannot make any lasting mark on it. We cannot by pursuing wisdom or wealth find fulfillment and joy. Death, in particular, mocks all attempts at elevation to divinity and the refusal to be mortal and human. Second, it is also a message for those who understand all this and are looking for a different way of thinking and living—who are seeking to replace illusion with truth. The preacher says to such people: Understand that God exists. The universe we inhabit comes from his hand and comes to us as a gift. Our lives are a gift, offered for a short period and then taken back once again. Embrace life for what it is, rather than what you would like it to be. Live it out before God, reverencing and obeying him. This is the pathway on which joy lies, even though puzzlement and pain will also be found there, and there are never guarantees about how things will turn out. To live life this way is to live well, indeed, this is the only way to live the good life in a broken, fallen, and unjust world.

The Dark Nights of Christmas

One of the aspects about the Christmas story often overlooked is the announcement of the arrival of the Messiah was surrounded by darkness. The “shepherds were keeping watch over their flock “by night” (Luke 2). The wise men “saw his star in the east” (Matt.2). Joseph saw the angel of the Lord in a dream presumably at night (Matt. 1). Of Israel, Isaiah said, “the people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned” (Is. 9:2).  Into each of these dark nights, a great light shines—it is the light of Christmas—Jesus, the Messiah breaks into a dark world.

Why Church?

Church attendance in America has been steadily declining. Not only are fewer people attending church, church members are attending church less. Perhaps most people in and outside of the church don’t know the answer to a fundamental question. Why does the church exists? Put in another way, what is its ultimate purpose? Why did Jesus start the church? Come and join us as we look at the Book of Acts and the seven letters written to seven New Testament church plants to discover the answer to those questions in our series, Why Church?

The Book of Romans

The Book of Romans has been said to be the most essential statement of Christian faith in the Bible.  Sadly, in practice the book rarely serves as more than a storehouse of cherry picked verses that users take (sometimes out of context) to press their specific evangelical, apologetic, or doctrinal predispositions.  In this study, we are going to go fully into the depths that Paul’s arguments take us.  Those arguments, written by a lawyer under the inspiration of God, contend strongly for a pure gospel, without fainting from hard answers and unpopular contentions.  We’re going to unfold complex, beautiful, sweet doctrines, just as this grand Scriptural book leads us, even when its truths trouble or unsettle us.

The Necessity of a Godly Family

We discovered in our reading of 1 and 2 Samuel the necessity of godly leadership to correct the problems of God’s people Israel living under ungodly judges when “there was no king and everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25).” Come and join us as we look more closely at David’s marriage and parenting. We are observing that while David provided the necessary leadership for the short term, he failed to provide the necessary godly family that would sustain future generations of godly leaders. Along the way we will discover hope for our families and God’s mercy and grace even when our marriages and parenting are less than the godly ideal.


1st & 2nd Samuel

1 and 2 Samuel shows us the necessity of godly leadership to correct the problems of His people Israel living under ungodly judges when “there was no king and everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25).” Join us as we watch Samuel anoint David as King, “a man after God’s own heart,” to lead his people out of their political and moral chaos. Along the way we will discover the necessity of godly leadership and how God would ultimately through David, provide the perfect king, Jesus Christ, to deal with our own moral chaos and provide a just political ruler for the world.

Worship at Christmas



Today, many name themselves as Christian, but Pastor James insists that to name belief without an active and living faith demonstrating the new birth by the word of truth, leaves us no witness of belief because he says, “even the demons believe.”  Join us as we listen to James, the brother of Jesus, challenge us to a living faith demonstrated by how we live, not by what we profess.

The Seven Churches of Revelation

by Scott Davidson, Chairman of the Board

The modern American church usually perceives its mission, at least in part, as doing good for others, so it adds service projects, food or clothing distribution, home repair trips, or community events.   But, what is the purpose of it all?  is the prototypical American church doing it all right, some right, or none right?  What exactly does Jesus, the Church’s true Leader, really want for His church?  His seven letters to seven local congregations in the book of Revelation portray a picture of church life that may be different from what it has traditionally and culturally evolved into in America.  If you are wondering how church life should be done, and whether we can even do it that way today, join us as we look at the critiques and praises Jesus gives to the seven congregations of the Book of Revelation.

Nehemiah Series

Nehemiah gives us hope in God¹s providence to burden a leader with a vision to accomplish his purpose. It reminds us today that God still rebuilds broken people, brings revival through the Word of God, and brings renewal to the worship of God. Join us as we follow Nehemiah’s extraordinary journey detailing God’s faithful love to his people.

1st Peter

Pastor Peter tells us Christians that we are exiles on earth, a people chosen by God the Father, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and sprinkled by the blood of Jesus Christ so that we have grace and peace with God! Join us in discovering how then we should now live as a Christian in a hostile society?

2 Peter

Because the promise of Christ’s coming was longer than expected, many teachers began to question the promise. Peter writes to Christians warning them to beware of false teachers who skew grace and deny the Lord’s return (cf. 3:17). So Pastor Peter reminds us to not be fooled by such false claims because the end is certainly coming!

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