Parkway Bible Church could not exist without our volunteers!  Volunteering is a great way to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  Sharing your God-given talents is also a spiritual discipline that can lead to greater maturity.  We hope you will get involved by volunteering for one of our many ministries, some of which are listed below.  How to volunteer?  Please email Charla at info@parkwaybibleva.org and she will connect you with the right person.


Do you love to bake, shop for baked goods or arrange food on tables?  Then Hospitality is for you!  Our hospitality volunteers serve for one month out of the year.  They are responsible for the set up and break down of our hospitality area and are welcome to supply some special treats!

Scripture readers

Public speaking is a breeze for some!  If this is you, please consider reading our scripture during church on Sundays.  Scripture readers can either sign up for once per month or sign up to take an entire month.

Nursery workers

Our kids are exceptionally adorable so hanging out with them and showing them Christ’s love is mostly a breeze!