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Mark Campbell update: October 15, 2017

Dear Supporters,

We want to thank you for your continued support of our efforts to inspire and equip pastors and ministry leaders to become voices for life.  It continues to be an area of great need.  In a recent study done by the Barna Research Group, they found that only 30% of pastors had mentioned the issue of abortion from the pulpit in the last six months.  While this statistic alone shows a tragic lack of engagement, in truth, the reality is likely much worse.  The phrasing of the question allows for a positive response if a pastor merely mentioned the issue in an announcement or brief comment.  In reality, the percentage of pastors that are dedicating solid amounts of teaching time to the issue is much lower.  This can be seen in another study done by Barna that found that the number one issue that professing Christians desired further teaching on by their pastor was the issue of abortion and the sanctity of life.  Of the respondents surveyed 91% said they desired to hear clear biblical teaching on the issue of abortion and life.  Clearly there is work still left to be done.

In the last several months we have seen some exciting developments.  We’ve been working on a book for pastors that is a short, concise, helpful tool to inspire and equip pastors to lead their churches toward deeper prayer, clear biblical teaching, and mobilization of their people to engage in the fight for life that is happening in our culture everyday.  Additionally, I’ve begun work with the North American Mission Board as a Church Planting Catalyst in the Washington DC area where I meet daily with church planters to encourage and coach them.   This position has given me a platform to challenge pastors daily to take up the mantle of the pro-life movement.  I can tell you that the responses I have received, there is still a long way to go, but inroads are being made, and minds and hearts are changing toward this issue.  We’ve also seen a large church in the DC area take considerable interest in the work of the Vox Project and we are currently beginning conversations to discuss a deeper level of partnership to help get the message out that we need pastors to stand up for life.  This partnership would be vital in having the resources to expand our operations with additional team members and resources.  Additionally, our desire to launch pastor cohorts around the country that directly engage pastors about the issue of life and abortion would be greatly helped with a partnership like this.  Pray for the meetings that will be happening in the coming weeks.  Lastly, there is a film company in Louisville, KY, that has expressed interest in the work of the Vox Project.  We have had preliminary contact about potentially featuring the work of the Vox Project on a new YouTube channel they are looking to launch.  Please join us in praying for these new opportunities.  We have a powerful message and influential voices, now we are looking for ways to continue to expand our influence throughout the nation.

We continue to hear from Pregnancy Centers around the country that the work of the Vox Project is a vital tool they have used to recruit and inspire pastors in their communities to get involved with their centers.  Most recently, I got a message from the Louisiana Right to Life, that they are implementing our videos in their efforts to recruit and inspire pastors to stand up for the unborn.  These centers are on the front lines in the fight of for life and are often under resourced and under supported.  It’s always a blessing when we hear from them that the video resources we’ve created are making an impact.  None of this work would have been possible apart from your prayers and generous support.  Thank you for your continued support for The Vox Project!


Grace and Peace,